Hey r/NFT I’m gonna try and post daily here to try and help people interested in NFTs get a good introduction and maybe some guidance in this sea of treasures and dangers.

Right now things are booming again and there’s a lot of liquidity coming back to the market and I see lots of new people interested again, including here, I think mostly because of Trump fiasco and Reddit handing out NFTs left and right.

In 3 days we are going to have one of the most anticipated mints of the last semester, Captainz from Memeland/9gag, it’s going to be crazy and hopefully I can make some coin.

Also tomorrow I will talk a bit on why I think NFTs are the best way to leverage from barely 0 to something. For day 1 I think this might be good enough. Again, if you have any questions just let me know, I’ll do my best to answer it

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