Hey I’m new to NFTs and have a few questions.

1. I’m a creator and well aware almost anything can be considered an NFTs but where is the best place to post them online and whats the best website or app to post them on?

2 I know its a slow start up I can actually start making money but do I need to initially have money or crypto to get it all posted and/or put up for sell?

3.How volatile can NFTs as a whole be when it comes to fluctuations and making profit?

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1 thought on “Hey I’m new to NFTs and have a few questions.”

  1. Actually, NFTs are really volatile and risky these days. But you just need to choose the platform that can help you earn liquidity like VinciProtocol, a lending platform where you can make use your NFT as collateral. Especially if you have bluechip NFT holders, you can secure and earn liquidity with a total supply of 2.6% $VCI token airdrop. You may check it now.


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