Hey guys, we’ve created an app to make it easier to track NFTs and their value. Check it out and please let us know your thoughts!

What makes NFTs more valuable than others?

If you collected Pokemon cards, you knew the difference in value between a Chrazard and a Charmander, right? With NFTs, it gets a little trickier, so we built an Explorer Mode that can help users rank NFTs in a collection by rarity.

Here is a breakdown on how our Explorer mode works:

* We pull data from the HowRare API every night to ensure our data is up to date. We found that asset data never changes, but the collection data absolutely does.
* Our front-end app talks to our backend to display collection and NFT information via GraphQL.
* Our backend takes care of all the traditional Web2 listing functionality, including pagination, filtering, sorting, and searching.
* We store zero user data in this process. We’re simply leveraging a third-party service to present data to our users. We also do our very best to display this data beautifully with an intuitive user experience.

Please give our Explorer Mode a go and let us know what you think. We’re passionate about getting more of the web3 community involved in what we’re building. Drop us a comment!



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