Here’s an NFT project that might interest you

Have been a fan of Lucha Libre since birth but my dream of owning a digital Lucha mask as been an issue i wish was sorted out on time by the Lucha Libre community, glad the finally thought of the initiative and finally did it.

Lucha Masks is a truly unique project, created in collaboration with today’s top lucha mask designer, Oscar “Shock” Garcia (who designed the looks of Rey Fenix, Drago, and dozens more), and featuring both his original creations and officially licensed masks of more than a dozen lucha libre superstars such as Konnan, Dragon Lee, Rush, etc.

Like luchadors, will grow and evolve throughout their careers, the release of the incredible Lucha Masks themselves, which are professionally designed to capture the iconic luchador culture, is V1 of this project.

Owners of the masks will gain access to V2, which will include more unique lucha gear such as boots and weapons, as well as different body styles! You will then be able to design your own wrestler, which will be released on Terra Virtua’s AR technology, the Fan Dome, and eventually the VR Metaverse, complete with 3D masks.

When you buy a Lucha Mask, you get exclusive early access to the Metaverse Wrestling Federationtm (MWF) – not just the whitelist, but your actual pre-boarding pass to enter a world unlike any other.

Heard it will be released next month and mint price will be 0.0619 ETH

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  1. I’m a fan of wrestlers and to be honest I didn’t know what what are they wearing are called luchamask. Anyway, thanks for the information you provided.


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