Hephaestus – official announcement of my future NFT project



***Howdy community*** 🖖

I have already spoken a word on Reddit promoting my auction, which went not as well as I planned, but it isn’t a huge loss.

In fact, the failed auction led me to create my own project. This post is my official exposé telling about a new project called ***”HEPHAESTUS”*** or ***”HPHSTS”*** ^(()^(for short)). The name is related to the Greek god of art and creativity, which is tightly associated with the project’s function.

**1. Fundamental issues of NFT projects.**

As a creator myself I found it difficult to sell anything to potential customers on regular marketplaces. The reasons are simple: many artists, many listings, a lot of “rug” projects, and availability to post anything you have on your device. Things mentioned are not particularly disadvantages, but they make life tougher for unknown but still talented individuals.


**2. Main goal.**

My project is supposed to fix those issues and give fresh creators a space where they can spread their creativity. The main goal of the project is to create a moderated platform that will choose the best gems from the best artists via the submission form for advertising on social and posting in a virtual meta gallery.


**3. What’s Meta Gallery?**

The main marketplace will be constructed as a game made on Unreal Engine 5, supporting VR and allowing to gather groups of viewers to explore art and eventually buy a piece. Besides being able to enter the main marketplace gallery users will be able to mint their own property and exhibit their works there. It is worth mentioning that the owners of the property will have the ability to charge their customers for entry.


**4. Art is a piece of culture.**

Project is willing to implement other forms of activities, allowing musicians, sculptors, public speakers, and even dancers have their own place in the metaverse. Further plans contain implementing a virtual concert hall, museums, dance halls, and such.


**5. What about tech?**

I want to focus on low-cost and availability among the wider mass. The perfect utility is provided by Solana but I take a look at others too. The ideal scenario is making the multi-chain support, but in that case, the cost and speed would be comprised. As a game engine, the best choice would be Unreal Engine 5, which offers a huge variety of technological features and the ability for performance optimization.


**6. Conclusion**

Not going lie, the first steps weren’t even made, but the idea was born and the goal was set.

At the current moment, I run the first phase of the fundraising sale of my art, there are supposed to be 2 more. In the meantime, I will drop a whitepaper and official website by the end of November.

Check my socials to find NFT sale page, buying my art will allow me to create something unique.


**7. My collection**

The collection features surreal images that affect the senses of viewers. The name of the collection refers to the formless content of the paintings, which look like chaotic figures resembling outlines and silhouettes of familiar appearances or things.


***socials :)***

***Twitter: betaras\_nft***

***Telegram: betaras\_nft***

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