Help us to promote our NFT collection -russian warships went bottom- to support Ukrainian Military Forces


[russian warships went bottom nft collection](

Since russian aggression against Ukraine has started on February 24 a lot of russian warships went bottom thanks to the heroic efforts of our Ukrainian military forces. πŸͺ–

Non-Profitable Organization “Magurka-Trinar” EDRPOU [44774886]( IT team has created the series of NFT’s to support Ukrainian Military Forces needs in used pickup vehicles πŸ›» , radio stations πŸ“», electric generators πŸ”‹ and food 🍞.



We also need your help: 🀝

EVERY initial purchase of this NFT will completely go to buy another used vehicle πŸ›» for our military!

Every 10% royalty of every NFT purchase in this pack will directly go to buy another radio πŸ“» or generator πŸ”‹ !

πŸ’™πŸ’› Stand with Ukraine – every human in this world should understand – russian aggression must be stopped to not let this evil epidemic of wars ruin our Mother Earth 🌏!

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