Hello, is there any NFT experts and artists/creators/users in Perth, Australia that would like to be interviewed?

Just a journalism student at Edith Cowan University in his final semester, looking for an expert, an artist/creator/user and possibly a lawyer who’d like to be interviewed through a voice call application or phone.

Writing an alternative news story on the legality issues around NFTs, primarily in Perth, but could also be just about anywhere else, as I’ve generalised my questions to work for anywhere, but would like it if it was about the laws in Australia.

I’ve already contacted other people but haven’t gotten a single response, so I’ve had to come to this subreddit in a desperate need of interviewees so I can finish my final assignment. This also has a chance of appearing on RTRFM, but not guaranteed.

Also, sorry if this is not the place to post this, and if there is another place that this should be posted, please do forward me to it.

Thank you

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