Have we seen the best from Blockchain Games?

Could blockchain games be booming or do you think they’ve peaked? When they started coming out people were obsessed they were in the stratosphere. Axie, Gods Unchained, and Uplands were all everyone was talking about. They are still popular, and there are some promising new projects like BeyondLife. However.

The combination of crises, covid, wars, and recessions everywhere has seen us not as enthusiastic as before.

Of course, I think this could just be a temporary trend and what was popular before will continue to be popular for a while, but for the industry to grow, we need more things.
Part of this is that many new games simply don’t prioritize gameplay and user experience, focusing on play to earn, rather than what makes games-games. . This did not turn out well.

What do you think, when things return to normal, will the madness continue, or have we seen the best?”

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1 thought on “Have we seen the best from Blockchain Games?”

  1. I believe that we are still testing the waters currently. Would you have believed if you were told that you can own a land from just playing an NFT game few months ago? I wouldn’t have believed but Aloki gonna make it possible


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