Has anyone heard of Supremearts? Legit?

I had a guy reach to to me about my art posts I make on Instagram and said he would buy ’em on this platform [supremearts.io](

The website looks largely legit, maybe a little unfinished. I can connect my wallet (public address only) upload my art and then they ask me to pay for gas fees or .17 etc (seems punishingly high no?) and then dude will buy. Now, I know of crypto scams of many kinds – here join this platform and get daily gains, the incessant adds on other platforms of “hey your into crypto too? what a coincidence. we have a connection don’t we?” but this one strikes me differently. 1st off, the guy who is the potential buyer’s insta account has done >700 posts and people comment and he is into trucks, meats, gold, his girl. his family. Looks real. And the platform is only asking for gas fees then let’s go. I heard opensea has a high 1st mint cost then goes down but any of you crazies out there seen or heard of supremearts or this type of thing?

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