HANDICAPPED person, my view of life through NFT

I am a straight, western, white man with a physical disability. My disability has allowed me to see things from uncommon points of view and permits me to see the hypocrisy of people.

It’s interesting to see how they greet me and give me gifts and compliments just because I’m disabled, without even knowing me. And then it’s funny to see the change from when they transition from seeing me as a “pet” (I call it the “panda effect”) to when they recognize me as their equal, friend, or enemy.

But I understand that this is human nature.My best friends went through this phase, and now they joke and make fun of me about my situation. Joking is fine, it doesn’t change my situation. You can call me disabled, handicapped, crippled, or an abnormal person. I don’t care.

If you don’t know me, whether you call me an idiot or a cripple, I am offended in the same way.

If you are my friend and we are kidding, you can call me a jerk or crippled and I am not offended either way.

Intentions make the difference, not the form.

Disabled toilets renamed as crippled toilets? Who cares, as long as they are available in every place.

Is being disabled bad? Yes, it is. You have something less than the average person.

My body is not normal, because normality (from the dictionary) is something usual, ordinary, in favor of probabilities. If a leaf is blue instead of green or brown it is abnormal.It’s not worse, it’s simply abnormal.

But in my case, my body is not only abnormal, it is actually inferior.For example, it doesn’t support me when I try to stand and it doesn’t allow me to take the stairs.

Will I have a bad life for it? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Paradoxically, sometimes it is the disabled who raise a virtual barrier to the able-bodied by correcting him for incorrect words, and consequently not putting him at ease.

Empathy is the key, always.

Due to my uncommon situation, I want to share my vision. You can see the Manifesto on my website in the comments, together with my NFTS.

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