H1ring NFT Games scholars and promoters!

**Rentero Guild** is a play-to-earn gaming guild, bringing players together to earn via blockchain-based economies.

**Why should you join us?**

\- We already have the NFT for you to play, so you don’t have to buy it
\- Earn money by playing with your colleagues and friends
\- It’s simple to become a scholar; we select new candidates every day.
\- We also have partnerships with various upcoming NFT games, so you can be the first player in those games and earn a lot of money.
\- We have experts in NFT games, cryptocurrency, business, and other related topics so you can learn new things and make new friends.

**List of NFT Games for Scholars**

\- 4xie Infinity 2,000 slots
\- P4gaxy 100 slot
\- Cybal1 50 slots
\- Dracoo Master
\- Pikaster
\- New Games

**Advantages of Being a Guild’s Promoter**

\- You will be paid for each person you refer to our guild.
\- You are a top priority for receiving scholarships as a result of our when we have our new games.
\- Our guild will promote your social media pages and live stream.
\- You will receive a ready-to-use media resource kit for promotion.
\- Our staff will provide you with assistance and guidance.

If you have any questions, create a ticket on my D1scord server and mention me, Kim Darrel#2000 (Kim|RG)

*NFT names are changed so that bots won’t block this message.*

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