GM CULT – Typography NFT with Burn Mechanics

Hello Reddit! This is my first ever post in reddit. I hope you welcome me well.

I’m in NFTs in 2 years and 2 days ago i have created a GM NFT that it’s a culture of web3.

It’s in manifold and i used brand new BURN mechanism of manifold. It means if you mint/claim 3 of this GM NFT you will be able to burn 3 of them and reedem new one!


You can find details below and link is attached. Hope you like it and support my journey! <3




This is the first ever token of “GM CULT”

GM is the CULTGM is the language of WEB3

This piece is a result of 17 years of experince in street art/typography.

Let’s play a game with our GMs.Burn 3 of Chapter I token to reedem new GM token (TBD)



It’s totally up to you


* Mint 1 to keep it with you.
* Mint 3 to burn and reedem next chapter
* Mint as many as you want to reedem more chapters by burning “Chapter I”


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