Foxy Shiba is announce their token on the Binance Smart Chain

**Foxy Shiba is announce their token on the Binance Smart Chain.**

In the development, the company will launch immediately through the Pancake swap platform.

The team of Foxy Shiba , Was inspired by large meme tokens and wants to create a fun and fair meme coin for all.

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**Foxy Shiba is launched on the Pancakeswap on February 18, 2023**

The Foxy Shiba token is designed to spread the love of crypto, with a plan for holders and a transparent and fair approach to the community.

One of the key features of Foxy Shiba is Its fee structure.

No fee on buying, A fee of sell transaction is 10% for liquidity pool 3% for marketing, meaning that That there will be no liquidity problems, and lack of publicity. This feature may not apply to centralized exchanges or wallets.

In addition, Foxy Shiba Will implant a token locking system, ensuring that nobody, including the developers, has access to the liquidity or vested tokens. This adds an extra layer of security for holders.

The project has a clear white document that contains the road map and all the possible details, everything is on the website and the information there is extensive In crypto language we call this DYOR before making an investment decision.

Foxy Shiba token built on the Binance Smart Chain.

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