First previews of House of Fashion NFT


[Daring, Confident and Undeniably Chic](

The House of Fashion is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated art pieces created by the artist and fashion designer Lisa Camero, also known as LCamero. This NFT collection celebrates the world of fashion and its impact on society, culture, and personal values. The project aims to blur the lines between the physical and digital fashion space through activations, virtual experiences, real-world and metaverse fashion shows, redeemable fashion items, traditional paintings, and community engagement.


[Captivating in Haute Couture Elegance](

Holders of the House of Fashion NFTs will receive lifetime discount codes to be used across LCamero’s online store and partner brands, as well as access to exclusive events, parties, and fashion shows. Holders will also receive phygital NFTs, which are tradeable or redeemable for both physical and digital wearables, as well as the opportunity to win exclusive member perks in quarterly raffles.


[Shades of cool](

The project includes a large-scale mural located at a prominent film studio in South Florida, which is designed to be used in music videos. Additionally, the House of Fashion project aims to develop an interactive fashion experience as a standalone VR app or integrated into a metaverse. Overall, the House of Fashion project is a unique and forward-thinking collaboration between art, fashion, and technology that opens doors to the future of fashion.

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