First fully democratic NFT project with an electoral system, DemoKratos DAO!

At DemoKratos every NFT holder will be considered a Citizen, every Citizen has the exact same rights than all the other Citizens. No special treatments for owners, project team or whales etc. Also, only one mint per wallet to encourage a fair and diversified distribution of our NFT.

As a citizen you can make proposals and then consequently vote on the three to five most interesting proposal to be voted on in the Assembly.

Additionally, periodically every Citizen can vote for other Citizens to become part of the Assembly. The Assembly will be the governing body which will make communitarian decisions on the cirection of the DAO. The Assembly will be periodically switched with other Citizens elected in an Election.

This way the DAO is completly in the hands of all the Citizens (NFT holders) who can decide themselves what direction the DAO is going to take in the future.

The proposals that can be made by Citizens are not limited at all, want to propose creating real life events do so, want to do merch do so, want to create a new mint with a 2nd Generation of Citizens go for it!

The decision is all yours! Twitter DemoKratosNFT

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