With a party in the metaverse, on February 14, we celebrate the debut of the first cryptoperreo in history… I want to explain why this event is so important and what were our inspirations.

[Cryptoperreo]( is a cultural movement that was born on web 3 and aims to educate those who aren´t yet aware of this new technological paradigm, in addition, it aspires to form a community around Latin urban culture, climb to different creative fields of web 3, such as cryptofashion, online, physical and hybrid entertainment events, cryptomusic, cryptojewelry, among others, to generate a cultural revolution in the space. This movement is inspired by the transformation that Medellín had thanks to reggaeton, where the drug culture was changed for the music culture, especially urban music. Cryptoperreo debuted on web 3 with a reggaeton song that talks about web 3, NFTS, and crypto, and with an art work highlighting various media celebrities who have helped build web3.

Alex and I want art to be decentralized, here “perreo” is decentralized, that’s why we are betting on this project that aims to empower reggaeton actors, a Latin genre that has become very popular in the global music industry. We wanted to do this first job, as a love letter to the crypto community… this is just a preview of what this movement will be. FOR CULTURE, WEB 3, AND THE FUTURE WE ARE BUILDING; WELCOME TO THE CRYPTOMOVEMENT, BECOME PART OF THIS REVOLUTION.


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