Favourite upcoming NFT gaming platforms? and why?

Curious to see if there are any interesting upcoming blockchain gaming infrastructures that I haven’t heard of. I believe these type of projects will generate the most value when it comes to NFT gaming. I have some ideas, but would like to see/hear other Blockchain gaming enthusiasts opinions.

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4 thoughts on “Favourite upcoming NFT gaming platforms? and why?”

  1. My main NFT positions are Unique and Efinity, both Polkadot parachains and closely related to NFTs/Gaming. If you are looking for upcoming projects, make sure to periodically check CryptoRank to know about upcoming IDO/IEO/ICO.

    I’m researching ULTC (web3 social gaming) and ROT (cyberpunk metaverse blockchain game). I believe the combination of gaming and metaverse has huge potential ahead. You can also find nice options that are related to Blockchain and Defi, but since you mentioned gaming platforms so I just mentioned these ones.

  2. Among the others on my list, GameStar+ is currently at the top because they have a slew of unique IPs backing them up, including Faculty Group, Disney, and Marvel. The idea of bringing a board game to Avalanche will expose many non-technologists to crypto and NFTs. NFT gaming is still, in my opinion, one of the best innovations in this game.

  3. Mine is hand-down Virtua Metaverse. Did you know that if you collect all 10 creatures from this Godzilla Vs Kong NFTs? You’ll be eligible to obtain a FREE Large Plot Monster Zone in Virtua Metaverse and if you collect at least 5, you’ll be eligible for a free CONDO, and you’ll also gain early access to Monster Zone Beta Launch


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