Family-friendly NFTs bring the next generation of youth into Web3

Have you heard about gamily-friendly NFTs?

NFTs are still the main driver of innovation and adoption within the Web3 area. Minors will be included in the new demographics that the space will reach as it continues to enter the mainstream.

Big-name entertainment businesses recently expanded to include crypto-savvy team members and formed collaborations with the Polygon blockchain network, including Disney, which caters heavily to children.

Such advancements portend a forthcoming entry into the Web3 world, but if Web3 content is to be produced for children, significant issues like how to make an NFT kid-friendly arise.

I’ve been thinking, what happens when minors are involved with genuine ownership?

But there are lots of teens and kids that are actually playing NFT games, so they are kinda involved with Web3 already through gaming. My sister’s kids are playing WAM and Alien Worlds and they already know a bunch of stuff about NFTs, crypto, etc.

Is all this we have today – crypto, NFTs, Metaverse for young generations similar to the adoption of the internet and traditional computer gaming for us back in those years?

While there have been cases of NFTs being used and even created by children, like the 9-year-old girl who fell in love with cats and made a cat NFT collection, Fisher believes at a young age parents are still the ones who should be considering what projects to support.

Do you think that children should be involved with all of this and are they fully protected?

Parents definitely need to be in control of anything kids are interacting with involving Web3.

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