Exclusive Earth Genesis Phygital NFTs


[Earth Genesis Collection](

Phygital NFTs are a combination of physical and digital assets. They allow collectors to own a physical item that is linked to a corresponding digital asset, creating a unique and exclusive ownership experience.

House of Fashion (HOF) has launched its first phygital NFT drop called “Earth Genesis”. It brings designs from the “Armonía Collection” by LCamero Brand as special limited edition NFTs. Each NFT comes with a matching redeemable physical piece and a Decentraland wearable.


[Decentralized Wearables](

The collection includes five designs, with only 50 NFTs available, making it a highly exclusive drop. The Decentraland wearables are also ready for avatars now. The rarity score on Decentraland will be “Mythic” due to only releasing 10 of each.

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