ENEVT – A Decentralised social media platform: NFTS BEYOND PIXELS

Does the NFT buzz feel like people are paying huge amount of money for jpeg images? that possess no actual utility? Your feeling is not entirely wrong as majority of the NFTs are just pixels and that is all there is to them.

Gamification is one of the ways NFTs have been given utility. ENEVTI looks to take nfts beyond just pixels by giving it utility through social gamification. The result is motivation for users to buy and trade NFTs.

Social gamification is simply applying gaming concept to social setting in a bid to increase engagement.

Through third-party applications, Enevti will add intrinsic values to NFTs. As a creator/artist/influencer, you can also give your NFTs unique utility through personal adventure(maybe an app, event,etc).

Worried that you are on a different chain? You can also use Enevti bridge to bridge your NFTs and make them redeemable with Enevti redeemable NFTs. Redeemable NFT is basically smart assets implementation to give NFTs more intrinsic value.

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