Does anyone know which NFT sites can be trusted 100%?

I currently only mint NFTs on Open Sea because there are no gas fees and everything seems safe and legit. But I’m constantly being approached on Instagram by ‘potential buyers’ wanting NFTs from me.
All of them want not to buy my NFTs on Open Sea but for me to mint them on sites they ‘trade’ on.

Imagine someone went into a shop and said to the assistant, I like that armchair but I don’t like your shop. I’ll buy the armchair if you come to my shop and sell it to me there.
Am I right to treat that as a scam?

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  1. X2Y2, LooksRare, MagicEden and blur are legit too. In fact, there’s many more legit markets out there too.

    What your describing certainly could be a scam and you should never click links sent to, especially in that scenario. That said, there’s legit reasons for asking to use the markets I mentioned. They all provide rewards for trading there and lower or no royalty fees.

    Opensea is the most popular, but it’s not safer and I don’t know any serious traders that prefer it.

    There are fake versions of all these sites, so you must be careful. If you’d like, I can share the legit links when I’m back on my desktop.

  2. I personally tend to avoid buying or engaging people on IG who wants to trade NFTs. Try to avoid transacting for things over the counter swap sites. Most of the time people can send you links to sites that look similar, but is a phising site that will drain your wallet of all you have. The best is still to transact on sites like Opensea, X2Y2, Looksrare or []( You can also consider transacting through a middle man you know and trust who can help you with the trade.

  3. There’s a decent amount of marketplaces depending on which chain you plan on minting on. Aside from the standard Opensea and Rarible etc, some of the legit NFT Marketplace are:

    [TofuNFT]( (The busiest multichain marketplace)

    [Minted Vodka]( (Another crosschain marketplace that let’s you do cool stuff like create deals where users can pay in various cryptocurrencies or even trade for other NFTs)

    [AreaX NFT]( (The OG marketplace for NFTs on the Telos Native blockchain. There’s also [evm.AreaXNFT]( if you want to mint on the Telos EVM. Its super affordable to create a collection on Telos and it’s probably the best blockchain that most haven’t heard of yet. Plus the community is growing fast)

    [NFT Showroom]( (The place to go if you want to mint an NFT on the Hive blockchain)

    [Stargaze.Zone]( (Definitely the best NFT marketplace in the Cosmos ecosystem with great traffic and tons of activity)

    [Objkt]( (For Tezos NFTs)

    [Solsea]( (The home of Solana NFTs)

  4. OpenSea, Rarible, gamestop, tezos .art, minterpop, tofuNFT, and superare are all legitimate NFT marketplaces. Anything else is more likely to be a scam.

  5. I’m minting on OpenSea, Quartz, and Rarible. I had the same problem on Instagram. It looks like Instagram has no security at all. The amount of scams I receive in DMs is amazing.

  6. If someone reaches out to you to “list your NFT” on a site they trade on, or even send you link, it’s most likely going to drain your wallet

    Popular artists use OBJKT, Manifold, SuperRare, or Foundation

  7. I have had this also, DM on twitter saying they don’t want to buy the NFTs on the platform I’m selling them on — Foundation and Makersplace, as far as I’m concerned it’s a scam.

  8. You should check out Chia. It’s super easy and free to mint in Chia with mintgarden. You can check out for a wealth of information.

    Chia, built by Bram Cohen, is built on a coinset model as opposed to an account model. So you actually own the NFTs and you can’t be hacked. The worst that can happen is a foul player could in theory interfere in a single transaction. But never can you be hacked or all your assets.

    Big things happening in chia soon. I highly encourage trying to do your mint there. There are videos on YouTube by Clyde Wallace and by Digital Spaceport outlining doing your mint in mintgarden.

    Hope this is helpful.



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