Do you support these types of tickets or you’re an old school?

I have noticed that people have no strong or compelling argument to explain to me why these tickets we use are better than the NFT tickets, so if you don’t agree with me, tell me why that is the case since I have not heard any rational explanation so far.

Let’s take a look at the music industry. The live events sector is one of the industries that might be completely disrupted by NFTs. To improve live events, ticketing companies and concert producers should keep an eye on evolving technology.

Aside from some basic aspects such as ease of use, especially if you find a scalable platform such as NFT TiX in my case, I believe that those of you interested in this topic have already discovered what works best for you.

What I mean when I say I love NFT ticketing is about all the numerous benefits. NFTs for ticketing add transparency to the ticketing platform and ensure secondary buyers receive a valid ticket to the event.

As a user, you can receive perks and incentives from event organizers, sell tickets for upcoming events that you cannot attend, sell rare past tickets that other people would like to collect, safely store tickets to keep memories alive, engage and be a part of event organizer’s communities, and so on. But don’t forget that there are several benefits for event organizers as well.

So, what’s your opinion, do you support these types of tickets or you’re an old school?

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