Do you prefer to continue using the former ticketing system or move to a new NFT ticketing system?

Do you think NFT tickets will eventually replace the ones we’re now purchasing?

When I first heard about NFT ticketing, I believed we didn’t need it and that it seemed difficult. However, I quickly learned that I was mistaken and that NFT tickets are a huge aid to all of us and may bring a variety of benefits.

But what is crucial for the event’s performers and organizers is that NFT tickets will allow them to avoid recurring scams and resales of early bird tickets at much higher costs. The majority of visitors are concerned about whether they have a genuine or counterfeit ticket. They will no longer face these challenges.

NFT TiX is managing everything really great, especially since I was able to purchase a ticket for Exit Festival through their website this year I’ve seen all the benefits they provide.

I like the NFT ticketing system since it provides so many chances and incentives to consumers. Who knows what they’ll put on your NFT ticket, perhaps a wonderful song, video, or something similar, but those one-of-a-kind tickets from our favorite bands will stay with us for the rest of our lives. That’s fantastic!

Do you want to keep using the old ticketing system or switch to the new NFT ticketing system?

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1 thought on “Do you prefer to continue using the former ticketing system or move to a new NFT ticketing system?”

  1. I didn’t find out about the NFT tickets for the Exit festival in time. I would completely switch to that system, very good innovation IMO.

    So far I’ve only focused on the Substrupunk, Cryptopunk, and Cryptopbarrister collections, as well as some NFT, integrated into the games but seems NFT is growing rapidly in many areas.

    I wish my Sting, Sade, and Gregory Porter concert tickets were actually NFT.


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