Do you play NFT Card game LOCGame?

Hello everyone!

I’m a newbie in NFT world and my first game here is LOCGame. And I find this game pretty good. The best start for newbies in NFT as me, I believe. One of the best character designs I’ve ever seen in card games.

Do you guys play it?
I appreciate their work as they did a really fantastic product.
FYI I wanna share the link following which you can get 10% (ten, Carl) discount for buying packs. This can help your start playing easier. [Discount link](

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2 thoughts on “Do you play NFT Card game LOCGame?”

  1. Hi Guys! I completely agree, that LOCGame is cool product. Heard about them from news about startups. Thanks for the discount link. I will buy a pack for my boyfriend 😉😎

  2. LOCGame is def gonna be a huge pump! I am an early investor and already got 55 of their NFTs, gonna buy today too some of the new nft packs!


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