Do you believe that NFT tickets would save the music industry by preventing ticket scalping?

Since blockchain technology is definitely becoming more and more popular and people just started implementing blockchain in business and just started noticing all the advantages of it, who knows what we would use for in a couple of years.

With the rate of innovation currently taking place, there is a lot more to come but one of the most exciting innovation in my personal opinion are definitely NFT tickets. What do you think about it, did you have a chance to buy them?

If they are not secure enough as they stated they are, do you really think that the [Olympics]( would announce selling them in 2024 or that news that everyone talks about that [Exit Music Festival announced a partnership with NFT TiX]( a platform that sells these tickets for various events? I don’t think so.

Why I think they are amazing, it’s because both ticket holders and organizers have access to a single version of information via blockchain. As a result, all parties can verify an NFT’s authenticity after transferring from initial sale to resale. If you want to prohibit resale, it’s possible to make NFTs non-transferable so they can’t be sold to another person.

People are sick of frauds and scams, we’ve seen a lot of them on the internet, but they are pretty present in the ticketing industry as well and many people are actually having difficulty because of this issue.

For what else do you think that NFTs could be pretty cool and helpful?

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1 thought on “Do you believe that NFT tickets would save the music industry by preventing ticket scalping?”

  1. I’d say yes right immediately since I like to try new things, for example, I’m a huge lover of comic books, so I’d definitely give this a shot. Isn’t it true that many of these comics are in the Sci-Fi genre, so of course, I’d test all of the technological advancements they’re giving us?

    I know that this post has nothing to comics but I would like to mention since we’re discussing NFTs that it feels like we’ve seen everything in comics, and now NFTs are being used in comic books. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything comes together.

    Most people are concerned that this may spell the death of physical comics, and they wonder if people would cease buying them now that they are available as NFTs. No way, I don’t think a regular comic book collector would get rid of tangible comic books.

    Also, remember that Marvel Comics is likely generating a lot of money off the NFT comics that they are already selling. I can’t say no to these kinds of comics after seeing the ability to make your own with the future NFT initiative called 2142, which will reflect their comic book and comic community.

    With the Metaverse, NFTs, and all of the possibilities they provide, it feels like we’re in a Sci-Fi narrative. That is all really intriguing and thrilling to me!

    Have you thought maybe of investing in comic NFTs? And what do you think of NFTs as comic books, yes or no?


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