Discover the Art of Fine Eau de Vie with Jardii’s Golden Plum NFT

Eau de Vie has a rich history in the Krajina region and Jardii is proud to continue this tradition with its golden plum NFT. This exceptional liquor is made with the finest ingredients and finished in a Barrique oak cask, delivering warm wood spices, creamy vanilla, caramel shortcake, and chocolate orange notes. And if you are a fan of history and culture, you will love the unique label designs from talented graphic designer Esko Kurtic, who finds inspiration in a wide range of subjects, including contemporary art, ancient artifacts, and more.

But what truly sets Jardii apart is its commitment to preserving the tradition of Serbian plum Eau de Vie. The traditional plum eau de vie has been added to the UN’s list of intangible cultural heritage and Jardii is proud to be part of this movement. With its exclusive NFT series, Jardii is determined to keep the tradition alive for future generations to enjoy.

Join us in celebrating this cherished tradition and experience the art of fine Eau de Vie with Jardii’s golden plum NFT.

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