Difference between NFTicket and digital tickets?

Maybe the answer to this is very obvious, however I was wondering what the differences of these two are. From what I read I understand it’s safer (that’s why airlines might be using them) than a digital ticket. I guess maybe you buy them differently? What other differences are there?


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2 thoughts on “Difference between NFTicket and digital tickets?”

  1. The value of NFT tickets is that they can reduce (and even fully eliminate) illegal secondary market. It’s also common to find fake sites selling last minute tickets to music concerts and big companies even over-sell tickets above the actual venue capacity.

    With NFT tickets, the supply of tickets is transparent as well as the ownership – so the chances of buying a fake ticket are way smaller than they are right now.

    NFT tickets also have added perks that can incentivise more fans to buy and attend concerts & events from smaller artists and companies. I’ve heard of NFT ticket projects giving cryptocurrency rewards to fans who buy tickets and scan the ticket to enter the venue.

    And of course, the added value of having a collectible token after the event takes place – allowing fans to sell the tokens and make money after the event is finished.

    Now, to play devil’s advocate, all this sounds cool until you get into regulations. NFTs are not regulated yet and the moment the SEC (I’m in the UK so the equivalent would be the FCA) say that any NFT that give financial rewards are considered securities, most of these projects might fall and end up shutting down.

    Until then, I still believe NFT tickets can resolve illegal sales of tickets and give extra control to organisers


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