Devious Hustle community music NFTs

the large distribution platforms don’t work the Best for the new and upcoming artist who are out there hungry.

Talent isn’t always enough you need a team ,you need support ,and returning fans who want to hear what you have in store next.

You need to HUSTLE persistence is key 🗝️ and opportunity is the door 🚪 the goal of this project is to build a strong community for music makers and music lovers.

I have many ideas for the future but as I Said it takes a team to make the dream. Profits are used to make more music and videos. The exposure works double as promotion and value growth to your NFT as we grow so will the value of your NFT so far each song has a 500 cap for minting the cap may and or can rise for future songs and situation given the market and our current standing in the community.

The goal ultimately is growth and to change the situation for the hardworking talented artist who spends not only money investing in themselves but the Time it takes to do it right only to be told your songs are worth fractions of pennies.

Ideas for the roadmap 🛣️ will be take a percentage of the profits for donation to students in schools who can not afford instruments. Raffles for artists who submit there music 🎵 and raffles for the fans that support them.

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