DeepSpace is a Play-to-Earn space multiverse exploration strategy game where you can trade NFT’s in game ($DPS)


DeepSpace is a Play-to-Earn space multiverse exploration strategy game where you can earn passive income from holding $DPS along with trading NFT’s and exploring DEEPSPACE with fleets of ships that you can purchase in game. The game allows you to take certain risks exploring, harvesting and fighting through the games universe.

The company’s game platform allows holders certain rewards through sharing transactions tax rewards and letting players generate revenue through owning in-game assets where you can earn more crypto by just playing the game, especially if you own in-game real estate it seems as you can develop even more passive income.

In DEEPSPACE’s multiverse exploration strategy game you can buy and sell ingame NFT’s on their marketplace to gain value or gain advancements in the game and grow your real life wallet.

There’s tons of ways to level up your wallet in game as all you have to do is play to earn, there’s so many different ways like PVE (Players vs Everyone), PVP, (Players vs Players), Buying ships and levelling them along with just exploring the game.

In the multiverse exploration game they have plenty of different planets available:

* Athena
* Chaldene
* Gelida
* Melas
* Mitra
* Tyranus
* Vorkvoid

The game is still under development so keep your eye as they continue to enter their game development phase 3 already in Q1, was wondering some peoples thoughts on this company? I think it sounds super exciting especially for some of you gamers! Make sure you keep an eye out for future news releases as the game develops.

Here’s the company site if you wanted to keep up to date with them:[

This is NOT financial advice, always do your own DD.

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