Cryptosphere and NFTs have started to increase awareness and appear to be breaking through unjust boundaries such as gender, age, race, and so on

As crypto is here to stay, I believe it is time for women to take the lead as investors, decision-makers, and executives and share the market.

I appreciate how the crypto sphere has begun to raise awareness and looks to be breaking down barriers of inequity such as gender, age, color, and so on.

Having more women in positions of leadership in digital finance may help not just crypto ventures, but also large and small investors.

Numerous celebrities also showed us some amazing NFT collections, and many digital artists were finally able to display their work to many people, which I think is really fantastic, and that’s one of the finest things NFTs brought us: they introduced many people to art.

Other good NFT projects and collections directed by women appear. I remember being rather taken aback when I first learned about No More and the amazing artist Lina Valentina. I like it when these projects aren’t your typical NFT collections, this one has a strong message and empowers women. Simply put, NFT artworks celebrate women’s rights.

I’m particularly pleased to see NFT collections that raise awareness of vital topics, which is why I support the concept that NFTs should have a purpose.

Which of these NFT projects or collections is your favorite?

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