Copy Nft ,make changes then resell?

I am genuinely curious as to 2 things.

○ Can I lets say take a random online image could be anime figure or anything else. Then basically photoshop it, change the background, add some items in, change color etc then sell it as an nft? Or is it plagiarism

○ Can I just take someone’s nft then make some small changes like color, modify item etc and sell it as an nft? Or is it plagiarism

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2 thoughts on “Copy Nft ,make changes then resell?”

  1. From what I’ve read, the current law around NFTs is that you don’t own rights to the art itself, but you’re actually selling/owning the rights to the blockchain connected to that NFT. I’m sure this will change over time as NFTs are just still really new. Also, OpenSea currently manages violations plagiarism itself.

    This link might help give more details:


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