Change a child’s life with SDG NFT

In Ghana the average orphaned child is fed a GhC5 worth of meal per day,thus $0.66 per day. These children have no hope for a saving grace as most of the orphanages they live in are rotten and contribute very little from what they receive to these children.

SDG NFT seeks to tokenize portraits of promising but less privileged children, where 80% of the proceeds go directly to their private education and daily upkeep.

We go a step further by nurturing a long-lasting relationship between the NFT owners and their benefactors to observe first hand how their funds are being used,serve as role models and help decide how funds should be used if they so wish.

This project is at its infancy and we need all the support and help we can get with building a community and finding collaborators.

Kindly help us amass a good following on Twitter by following our Twitter account as we continue to work on this project .

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