Cardano might be the best platform for upcoming NFTs in 2023.

NFTs were considered just a fab ever since they started, let’s not fool ourselves. We’ve all had our doubts, some simply stayed longer than others. I had my own doubts way before I ever got into this space, even though I was an avid crypto investor at the time.

Now my focus is on NFTs; not for money, mind you, but for investment in a technology that is truly amazing. I think that the previous NFT marketing never did them true justice to show people just how useful they are. I have friends who are artists, and their work gets stolen all the time. I’ve told them about the technology surrounding NFTs and how it aims to solve that problem. However, NFTs are publicly shamed, to such an extent, that they’ve told me it would scare away any potential customers who would probably see it as a scam.

Unfortunately, many NFT projects were a scam to begin with, so I understand it. But that has to become an even greater motivator to focus on the good in NFTs. Cardano is still fresh in the NFT space, so let’s be wiser about it.

There are many great projects coming along. One of the ones I recently noticed was called Mud Squad, and I saw something that stuck with me. All the public sees when someone mentions NFTs is cartoon heads on blank canvases. And that’s true! As I’m going through my NFT collection, I swear 98% of it is like that.

The technology behind NFTs aims to help artists, but it seems like most of the art is exactly the same. Projects like Mud Squad and others alike are aiming to completely revamp that concept, and as we’re engaging in NFT communities surrounding Cardano, I believe that this might be the best way to do so.

Also, why isn’t there an option for a ‘Cardano NFT’ flair? Kinda weird, Idk

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9 thoughts on “Cardano might be the best platform for upcoming NFTs in 2023.”

  1. We’ll see. now that Solana is on it’s way out. A lot of their bluechips like y00ts are moving to Polygon. They’re my next bet after ETH tbh.

  2. I’ve seen the MudSquad Twitter account, it looks quite good but I’m always a bit skeptical until the minting starts… Fingers crossed though

  3. Cardano is going to have a very niche academic development space.

    There’s much more user friendly scalable chains that will see more NFT adoption, Algorand, Polkadot, Flow, Enjin/Efinity, Polygon.

    They’re competing in a big market and other chains are pretty compelling. So if they don’t have a “killer dApp” with great usability, I wouldn’t bet on Cardano personally.

  4. If you think Cardano is next, you’ve overlooked Algorand which has an impressive NFT ecosystem growing at an incredible pace.

  5. The technology behind NFT’s don’t give a rats ass about artists. NFT’s have actual utility, using them to protect art is NOT the point.


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