Can someone explain how these airdrop NFT scams work…?

I’m new to NFT collecting, and I’ve already received 3 NFT’s airdropped to my address.

The NFT’s were put directly into my ‘hidden’ folder on OpenSea.

I know enough to not mess with them, since I’ve seen some comments that they are scams. But, can anyone tell me how these actually work? Like, if I click on them, just to view the NFT am I at risk? What exactly is their end-game?

How can I avoid getting scammed? Thanks for any help!

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2 thoughts on “Can someone explain how these airdrop NFT scams work…?”

  1. You know how you have to sign permissions when you want to list somethin on OS for example? It’s the same thing but different permission. When you try to sell it for example it asks you to sign a permission similar to those you sign when listing a regular nft on OS but you actually sign a permission for accessing all of your funds. You basically give control of your wallet to the smart contract. Just ingore those and don’t send them, list them or accept any offers. If they drop in your regular page (not hidden) you can move it to the hidden folder but don’t try anything else. Check out pocket universe extension too. If you don’t know how to read contracts that extension is great because it sums up and shows you all off the functions you are approving before signing anything.

  2. Different types, but generally when you sign a permission transaction, it gives the contract owner permission to access all the shit in your wallet. They wait till you have something of value and send that valuable thing to themselves.


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