Brainstorming NFT Business Idea: How about the poor ones? NFTs are enabling great artists to showcase unique masterpieces to the world but how will the poor ones pay for gas fees and overcome technology barriers (lack of internet/tablets/wallets/marketing or general know-how)?

i’ve been giving it a thought lately and I want no physical or financial barriers for the nft space. I can’t see how someone located in a small isolated village, who is great at creating and drawing cyberpunk characters but can barely afford a pen and has daily struggles with his drunk father, barely making dead ends, will be able to leverage the nft space and test out the space. Let’s say he does get access to the internet but how will they be able to have equal opportunity with let’s say a boy his age born in one of the world’s major cities. I was thinking of building a “rate my sketch and support my drawing” platform, where talented people from all over the world could literally upload drawings with one purpose: get exposure through upvotes/downvotes/ comments amd basically find pre-nft valuation/support or even business opportunities through investors” / contributors. The community would vote and decide to support the minting process/fees dor specific works but take partial ownership of the work or buy full ownership. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

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