Bond Tokens (on AVAX) for Peng Protocol

Hello, so I have these NFTs called “Pengs”, they are meant to act as bond tokens for a proposed blockchain interoperable project.

This is what they look like this;


The idea is you mint a Peng (costs 3AVAX) and then once the protocol is built there will be an option to redeem the NFTs for network side “IDAs” or “Irreplicable Digital Assets”, these are not the same as NFTs, the IDA non-cryptographic, using the network’s consensus mechanism to ensure non-fungibility. IDAs have a “commitment address” which allows the holder to permanently destroy it in exchange for a fixed amount of spendable tokens (this is +5% of the approximate mint price).

The project uses a network and consensus model called “Hybrid-line-bus” which you can read about [here]( In short; it is an immutable webapp oriented towards transactions and speed, it is trustless and scalable based on the capacity of the nodes running it.

[Link]( for more information about the NFTs and contract address.

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