Best marketplace to publish NFT”s

I”m developing an NFT project and I need to choose a marketplace where to publish it. I’m looking for some feedback regarding what you think is the right place to publish.

The project will consist of hand-crafted artwork, with weekly releases during a year. I plan to avoid planned scarcity and have the art available for a defined time period (between 3 and 10 days). Anyone who wants to buy it can do so.

Another factor that is relevant is low transaction fees. As I want the collection to be affordable, it makes almost no sense to sell in a situation where gas fees exceed the NFT price.

There is a final factor that is optional. Because there will be seven pieces published in each drop, it would be helpful if there was a way to have an option to sell a pack with the seven pieces.

It is likely that some stuff would be possible if I hired a developer to write a smart contract with the specifications that I have. However, my background is graphic design with minimal coding experience. I don’t have the budget to hire a developer, so I prefer to work within the limitations of a marketplace.

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