Bearish market for NFTs, but Cybernetic Cyborgs remain unfazed on the quest of becoming enablers

**Hello. Welcome**. You are speaking to the Cybertrons and they are delighted to have your attention and want to welcome you on this journey!

**Who are Cybernetic Cyborgs, you ask?**

A quick intro about the Cybertrons, they are on a quest to build a strong community of Cyborgs and grow together in the metaverse. They are known as Cybernetic Cyborgs (CYCY) with each of the Cyborgs having special superpowers that will be put into use in making the world in the metaverse a better place. Their unique powers and abilities are displayed as special traits that can be found in the CYCY collection of 4.999 unique 2D as well as 4,999 well-designed 3D Cyborgs on the Ethereum Blockchain.


**Wait…where do you come in and how do the Cybertrons make this happen, you ask**?

Easy. Through their shared value system. The Cybertrons are on a mission to enable creatives like you in discovering the world of NFTs. Whether this is your first time venturing out into the world of NFTs or if you are familiar with the crypto world already, they are here to help all you navigate through Blockchain technology. Please click the link to finish reading [

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