Assigning Handpicked Artwork for NFTs

Hello r/NFT!

My team and I recently started a project and we’re still in the beginning phases (currently focusing on artwork & advertising assets). We have not onboarded an advisor yet when it comes to blockchain & other coding disciplines. However, several questions are coming up in my head that may cause us problems down the line and I was hoping you guys may help answer so I can finally get some sleep hahaha

Our project is not going to be the standard generative art we usually see since our layers will eventually clash with each other. At most, we’d generate and clean up clashing assets to output into a folder.

How do we assign rarity to certain assets if we output it into a folder in this manner?

How much coding is required compared to the standard generative NFT project? Will this be a larger task in terms of coding (blockchain, frontend, backend)?

Is there an easier standard procedure to auto generate NFTs where layers don’t clash? Our designs are complicated in a way where layers WILL clash with each other.

Your help is deeply appreciated đŸ™‚


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