As exciting new games are released, the future of metaverse gaming appears bright. But what are the Metaverse projects’ objectives?

Is the future of creators gold now that the landscape has been altered by blockchain? Is it better to get in on the ground floor of this new booming economy or wait until it matures?
Despite the existence of blockchain-based virtual worlds and games like ‘Decentraland,’ which is responsible for much of the metaverse trading in NFTs on its own, many other developers, similar to ‘World of Warcraft,’ may choose to continue operating their own storefronts and funnelling all real-world cash transactions through them.

They may attempt to shut down unofficial auctioneers in the future, similar to what Valve did in 2018 with a site that traded avatar skins for its ‘Counter-Strike’ game. If they see it as a way to make some extra money by taking a cut of NFT sales or allowing avatars to travel between games or worlds, some people may warm to the idea. I’m just hoping that by the end of the year, eth will be around $8000!! Please bear with me, whatever the case may be. NFTs appear to be an invincible force. NFTs, the newest addition to the blockchain, have grown in value from $100 million in 2020 to $23 billion in 2021.

Crypto investors are searching high and low for quality NFT projects to support as a result of the 230x increase. Web3 technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchains, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies are poised to transform the way creatives create content, claim ownership, and get paid. They’ll also change how we think about the internet.

Several companies have begun to dabble in this high-tech field, including Next Earth, a platform that uses blockchain technology to digitise the earth’s surface. You can claim ownership of any location on the planet using the platform, which you can then monetize or develop as NFTs. Metaverse sounds futuristic, and many companies are working to make it a reality, including Facebook.

Cryptocurrencies could play a big part in this.

The project’s next goal, according to the roadmap, is to develop their Runiverse game, which aims to be the first cross-metaverse platform for players to compete on crypto market performance. The venture would combine telephone company services and social network features with the power of blockchain and NFTs to support and boost the creator economy on-chain. I’m curious about what could become a really big thing in the future, and I’m about halfway through my research for this project, so I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on it. I’d also like to hear your thoughts on this, and whether you think this industry is innovative or uninteresting…

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