Are you a fan of NFT comics, what is your opinion about them?

NFTs have already had an influence on a wide range of industries, including sports, gaming, advertising, commerce, investment, and even the comics and creative industries.

Did you ever think about how NFTs can help comic book artists?

NFTs are intriguing to many artists since the average salary for a comic book artist in the United States is $41,643 dollars.

Marvel and DC, the two most dominant players, have established the basis for a successful introduction into the industry, and it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

These days I’m especially enthusiastic about 2142, which will allow you to decide how the tale of your comic book will unfold, as well as collect these comic book pages and eventually mint your comic book as an NFT. That’s, to be honest pretty amazing.

In reality, NFTs have boosted the digital comics and graphic novels industry significantly, benefiting both authors and large corporations. What do you find most intriguing about NFTs as comic books?

NFTs have considerably strengthened the digital comics and graphic novels business, benefiting both writers and major organizations.

What intrigues you the most about NFTs as comic books?

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