Are No-Code NFT tools shunned or detectable?

Pretty self explanatory.

For hard core degens, is a No-Code solution that auto generates the collection detectable? Or in the end it just spits out an appropriate ERC721 or ERC721a, ERC1155?

My guess is if it can be apparent, that jt might taint a collection at the highest levels.

I can write contracts but this could save quite a bit of time.

Any insights?

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2 thoughts on “Are No-Code NFT tools shunned or detectable?”

  1. IMO if you can write the smart contract, you can use the OpenZeppelin wizzard to provide most of what you need right of the bat. Additionally their contracts are audited and battle tested, so that is a plus.

    I’d suggest using that and adding your own custom business logic if you need it. But make sure to include a sufficient test suite, to cover your bases.


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