Are NFTs Dead ? The Graph is an indexing protocol.

You often hear of many things being described as ‘it’s the Google for X”. But have you ever imagined what a Google for blockchains might look like? That’s what The Graph (GRT) is best known as. The Graph is an indexing protocol. That means it organizes blockchain data through integration with several blockchains. This blockchain protocol employs what we call “subgraphs” to create datasets that can be broadcasted across decentralized applications (dApps). More on this in a moment.

Think of it like this; Google is a search engine for the general internet.

The Graph is like a search engine for Web3 — the new-age version of the internet hosted on multiple blockchains.

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2 thoughts on “Are NFTs Dead ? The Graph is an indexing protocol.”

  1. GRT will comeback with a bang in the next bull run and no NFTs are not dead, they just got started. As the GRT token fell so did the NFTs in these bearish times..But when u look there was some NFTs that mooned like med even in times like theese. AZUKIs gained well..AngelBlock is just getting started yet some are up 60X (huge utility) and the degen goblinplay was also interstin in gains and some lucky folks got their NFTs for free on a giveaway..


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