Apple App Store rules reportedly impose 30% commission on in-app NFT trades

I just came across an [article]( stating that Apple App store rules mean a 30% commission on in-app NFT trades!

This is a bit shocking to me on a world where the average NFT marketplace charges under 5% commission, and where many have been working really hard to bring the staple ETH fees down on the NFT space leaded my L2 solutions like Polygon but all sort of alternatives on other chains like Solana, Unique Network, Binance Smart Chain, Wax Labs, etc

If this is a bit shocking to me due to the high numbers, there are two points that must be taken in account:
1. This 30% commission is the Apple charge on any in-app sale. Crypto and NFT might, or might not have a different treatment.

2. Whatever the commission will be, it seems Apple is actively interested in working closer with the NFT space which is pretty bullish

What’s your views on this plans from Apple to the overall NFT space?

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8 thoughts on “Apple App Store rules reportedly impose 30% commission on in-app NFT trades”

  1. I don’t believe Apple will succeed in its endeavors this time. NFT artists can’t accept a 30% commission. I’m close with Unique’s NFT developments and I’m holding their canary network, Quartz, which is a parachain on Kusama and it has very low mint prices. We need projects capable of keep building the needed nft infrastructure.

  2. The work around I’ve seen is NFT apps allow you to do everything but buy and sell, forcing you to use the web interface for that to get around fees. For example I play some NFT games and I can play on my phone and earn crypto by playing but if I want to buy nfts used in the game I have to go to a website.

  3. Apple should focus on iPhones. Crypto projects will build and dominate the needed NFT infrastructure.I like the low fees of Solana along with the fact that can perform over 3000 TPS. This is highly scalable for NFTs. BSC and Tezos are also good options. Unique seems to be a highly promising chain. I’m pretty close with all of the Polkadot’s parachains.


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