Anyone looking to buy a developed NFT project ?

What’s the project?
It’s a NFT watch project based off luxury watches. No logos or trademarks. I refrained from Associating the watches with its luxury counter part. so as long as you do the same your protected from a DMCA. So what’s interesting about this project is they’re not Renders. I’ve gotten every watch made according opensea GLB specification. So you can upload each watch as a 3D file.

What kind of watches?
Inspired by major companies like
Rolex, AP, RM, Patek, Cartier all the popular models. Limited edition models, collab’s etc. There’s about 20 different watch models. And if done correctly if you change the materials & can stretch it to 260 different watches. And if you double up on most of them a possibility of 550-600 watches. You can take it a step further and switch up the colors and materials to some wild stuff and from there the possibilities are endless.

What’s already done?
All models are finished. I’ll put you in touch with my designer for anything extra so all the work is consistent with each-other.
All files are less than 200 MB’s
For blender software.
& An Instagram with more than 1600 followers.

Here’s a link to the Instagram:

Also will send other pictures of everything I have.

The price for the entire project is not much, I’m not asking a crazy number
I’m only looking for $5500 USD, it’s potential is huge if you play it out right.
With this price tag you’ll receive all my resources. I’ll be available for questions or concerns also an indefinite non-compete from me. I’m a Jeweler by trade so this is my area of expertise.

I’m selling my project cause I’m only one person. I’m getting really busy with my businesses and I’m shifting my focus to other places. Would hate to see this project Goto waste. You can DM me on Reddit or send a message to the NFT Instagram. And we can work something out. Willing to take crypto for it.

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