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We are reimagining concert experiences online and in the metaverse. The Animal Concerts platform creates once-in-a-lifetime interactive metaverse concerts by enabling artists to deliver a fan experience like no other. By utilizing our own token, unique artist NFTs and unforgettable experiences, we’re pioneering the future of Web3 — join the family today!

Your Token To Everything

ANML is the token that fuels the Animal Concerts ecosystem and is the key to unlocking a world of infinite possibilities.

In addition to the convenience of being able to purchase ANML with your credit card, ANML is also available on four leading centralized exchanges. Click below to learn more and buy ANML!

Our First NFT Drop – Get in Early!

Animal Concerts proudly presents: The “A Hard-Working Man” NFT drop, featuring Snoop Dogg, Billy Ray Cyrus and The Avila Brothers, in collaboration with []( and Coin telegraph.

9,999 unique NFTs portray Snoop Dogg and Billy Ray Cyrus in a plethora of different hard-working jobs such as electricians, construction workers, farmers, mechanics and more. Packed with unparalleled lifestyle opportunities and exclusive member-only perks, “A Hard Working Man” is an NFT collection dedicated to the hustlers!

Reimagining Concert Experiences

Animal Concerts streams interactive metaverse concerts, enabling established and emerging artists to deliver amazing next-generation fan experiences. We work closely with the artists to design and mint NFTs to personalize and enhance the fan experience whilst generating new and direct revenue for the artist.

Animal Concerts

\- Our aim is to transform the fan experience and democratize the music industry by enabling A-list and emerging artists to engage and monetize fans directly.

\- We stream 2D and 3D concerts to global audiences in collaboration with the most renowned Metaverse and traditional streaming platforms.

\- We aim to be THE concerts platform of choice using truly iconic virtual venues to deliver interactive and immersive live shows, serving millions of fans across Asian and Western markets.

\- NFTs will be used as a medium to not only issue the ticket, but allow artists to personalize the experience (e.g. backstage pass, special offers, track voting rights) and establish direct revenue streams.

\- Our tokens will allow Animal Concerts community members privileged access to tickets and events.

\- Simply put, we are reinventing the future of concerts.



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