An interview with the creators behind CubeMelt

There are a tonne of NFT projects out there, however not all NFT projects receive traction the way CubeMelt has, already boasting 300k fans on social media. The CubeMelt collection consists of 8,888 unique NFTs that are styled as a cute block of ice and is set to drop on September 29, 2022. The collection features this little ice cube going about daily trails and tribulations while he balances being a melting block of ice in love with a lightbulb. [The interview]( goes beyond the features of the NFT as well.

Here’s a short example; the question asked how would you describe blockchain technology to a beginner? The answer was so simple yet got the just of the functionality across so swiftly “Imagine there are 10 people keeping record of every transaction taking place and they talk to each other to achieve consensus that all records are true and accurate. To make an edit to the record, there must be more than 50% consensus reached. This provides transparency, security, and protection to the users.” The answer does a great job of displaying the perspectives’ of the minds behind this project.

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