An Attempt at the most Controversial NFT Collection

I am currently creating an NFT collection that uses computer generated sketches of portraits of all 2996 people who died from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Those sketches are then put on a framed type background with the name included to complete the NFT.

Now, the reason i am doing this, is to attempt to not just be controversial, but to create “the most” controversial NFT collection to date.

Sure, NFT’s themselves are considered controversial, but only because of thier success and not to do with anything inherit in their technology(i might come to rue that comment).

And sure, there have been more controversial singular NFT’s, one might consider the falling man NFT on Gamestop just last week.

But in terms of collections, but in terms of NFT collections….what really is there that fills that void of a controversial idea in the NFT art world.

I mean you could google it but the first hit you get on google, the very first one to be considered “most” controversial is a collection based on the word…”FUCK”.

FUCK!! A collection based on the word fuck.

Surely we can do better than that right. Right? And that’s a genuine question, because unfortunately my arrogance doesn’t stem from me being always right.

Just because i think an NFT collection based on the victims of the worlds most famous and horrific terrorist act is controversial, doesn’t mean it is so.

So, im genuinely asking you, am i on the right track here. Is this controversial. Is this the most controversial. It might be easy at this point to say no, but in my mind only because nobody knows about it, and thus nobody gives a shit. And if nobody gives a shit, its not controversial.

So i guess a better question to ask is, does this have the potential to be the most controversial. And if your answer is still no, then one might want to consider its date of sale.

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  1. If you play your cards right and find the right audience, you can do whatever you desire in the nft space. Just need to hit the right people.


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