AMA Been in NFT’s since 2019 Crypto since 2012

I thought I would take the time to answer as many questions anyone about NFT’s/Crypto/Market Cycles etc…. None of this should be viewed as financial advice but rather lessons I have learned from being in the space for the time that I have.
Go ahead. Ask Away!

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  1. Hi, i would like to ask you what are key things people that are interested in NFTs should get into / things to read/ videos/ influencers etc/ what to watch for as well. I’m getting into the market and i have beginners knowledge i have close friends that got into them I’m 2019. At the time i didn’t because I wanted to focus on college. Now that I’m graduating i have time to spend to do things i want to do. My circle actually own bored apes and they even attend ape fest this year so they tell me some things but they stressed that NFT community is DYOR so I’m doing such things. I have an idea what i want but i don’t wanna just jump on something because it’s popular any tips?


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