Am I getting scammed to sell my paintings as nfts?

I have a well followed art page on instagram. I do mostly Fine art. Recently I got a dm from a guy interested in buying a couple of my paintings. He agreed to buy 5-6 of them but said that he was more into NFTs.

No worries I can upload these work on my opensea account and then he can buy it from there. But no he said that he wants me to create an account on platinum-bull nft.

Honestly I’m not that involved in the nft world to know what’s legit, I don’t wanna get scammed. The reason I like opensea is that I won’t have to pay gas fees until the actual sale is made. I can’t really afford to mint by paying gas out of my own pocket at the moment.

I suggested him that he can buy on opensea and then transfer the nft to different platform. He said that nfts have different signatures so it’s not exactly possible.

Idk if he’s lying or not. His instagram pictures barely had 50 likes plus all his posts were from 2022. It is possible that it could be a fake account.

Helpp! It would be really great if I could sell my work but this seems a little Fishy.

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2 thoughts on “Am I getting scammed to sell my paintings as nfts?”

  1. This feels like part of a “sequence of events” leading to someone else getting your money and, a quick google of “platinum-bull nft scam” is enough for me to say run away from this one.

  2. Lie. Also I just posted on another artists post saying the same thing. What a shame, they’re tryna scam artists now before they even mint lol.

    I don’t even get what the scam is. It must just be good old fashioned phishing… cuz it’s not like they can be expecting to steal your crypto, they’re telling you about it 🤣

    Really weird. If you want to sell your work as an nft, mint it yourself. Don’t click other people’s links ever.


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